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    Construction Update March 2021


    Construction Update March 2021

    By ebdev \

    With Covid-19 cases increasing substantially in Europe and South America over the past quarter, the accompanying lockdowns resulted in substantial delays in the delivery of valves, piping, and Power Plant Equipment. The Project Teams however redirected their efforts into areas that could be worked on and a decision was made to work on Phase 2 of the Gas Plant and advance that progress while waiting for items to be delivered for Phase 1.

    Covid Regulations in Rwanda subjected contractors and staff coming into Rwanda to a 7-day home quarantine which further placed pressure on the teams as rotations were directly impacted by the changes. This has moved the planned date of the first gas from April 2021 to June 2021 and the second gas in July 2021. Export Pipeline 1 welding was completed as planned in March 2021 and Export Pipeline 2 was 40% complete with a planned completion date in May 2021.

    All Wash Water Towers are now placed, which freed up the site for the completion of the Gas Plant Civils and the installation of the Nitrogen Generator and Instrument Air Skid. The Shore Landing and Pigging Section has shown good progress and will be substantially complete in May 2021. All Gas Compressors have arrived and Compressors 1-3 have been installed on the Barges.

    Wash Water Pumps 1-4 have also arrived, but a necessary redesign of the Wash Water Pump Sump due to poor soil conditions has resulted in the commissioning of the pumps moving out to June 2021.  Terra Strata was mobilised in order to pile the area and completed the piling on 30 March 2021.  Excavation and reinforcement are planned to be completed by 10th May and the pumps installed by end of May 2021.

    Power Plant construction progressed well over the last three months with the placing of Generators 1-9 and substantial completion of the structural steel for Hall A. Black Start complex was completed and connected to the Electrical Building. Fair Construction accelerated the Electrical Building and completed the structure in March which allowed the MV and LV Switchgear to be placed as well as the Auxiliary Transformers. Onshore Substations were placed and 5MVA transformers completed ahead of schedule.

    Pipeline Anchors are 98% complete and 3 x 100T anchors have been deployed in position with the remaining 13 anchors for Barge 1 due to be completed in early May 2021. Flare Tower is complete and piping will be completed by the end of May 2021.

    EDCL has commenced the installation of a 20 MVA  temporary evacuation facility, which will allow phase 1 and 2 to be run assisted by the 10MW load banks which were installed in March. The team has commenced commissioning on Barge 1 and onshore commissioning will commence in April 2021.

    Despite the delay to the schedule for Phase 1, the COD date of April 2022 will still be achieved as tasks have been carried out earlier where possible.

    Visible Progress from December. Power Plant in the foreground, Barge 1 and Separators at the Quay. Wash Water Towers all in position. Substations and Auxiliary Transformers in front of the Wash Water Towers. Progress on Hall B now visible.


    Wash Water Towers all in position.  Nitrogen Generator and Instrument Air Compressor in position.


    Pigging Area and Export Pipe Landing


    Power Plant Racking


    Load Banks in Position


    Water Spout forming 13th April 2021.


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