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    Occupational Health & Safety Policy

    Shema Power Lake Kivu Ltd


    We aim to have Occupational Health & Safety performance we can be proud of, to sustain the confidence of our customer, stakeholders and society at large, to be a good corporate citizen, and to contribute sustainable way to the economic development of Rwanda.

    In SPLK we all commit to:
    • Pursue the goal of zero harm to all people.
    • Provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent work related injury and/or ill health.
    • Comply with legal requirements and other obligations adopted by the company.
    • Develop energy resources, products and services consistent with this aim.
    • Work to prevent and mitigate all negative Occupational Health & Safety risks of our business operations.
    • Appropriately report on our Occupational Health & Safety performance.
    • Play a leading role in promoting best practice in our industry and region.
    • Manage Occupational Health & Safety matters as critical businesses activities, and
    • Promote a progressive HSE &SP culture in which all SPLK staff and contractors share this commitment.

    • Has a systematic approach to Occupational Health & Safety management designed to ensure compliance with the law and achieve continuous performance improvement.
    • Sets targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance.
    • Requires contractors and subcontractors to manage Occupational Health & Safety in line with this policy.
    • Will use its influence to promote this or an equivalent policy in company related activities which are not under its direct control.
    • Engages effectively with stakeholders, and
    • Includes Occupational Health & Safety performance in the appraisal and reward system for all staff.

    …. we all have a duty

    “Each of us working for or on behalf of SPLK has a right and duty to intervene with unsafe acts and conditions
    or when activities are not in compliance with this Occupational Health & Safety Commitment and Policy.”

    Alexis Kabuto
    Chief Executive Officer

    PO-SPL-HSE-0002 Rev0 – February 2019

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